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What is EMF, and Is It Harmful?


What is EMF?  Does EMF harm us?  What can we do to protect ourselves from EMF?

EMF stands for Electromagnetic Fields.  Electromagnetic Fields are all around us. We live in an invisible sea of electromagnetic energies which constantly swirl in and around our bodies, whether or not we are aware of them. EMF’s are an invisible danger that most people are just beginning to understand what the harmful effects may be. This article details how we can best protect ourselves from the harmful effects of EMF.

When we first discovered it and considered using it, it was put through the rigors of scientific study. It was found to be safe to humans in low level background amounts, and was considered to be harmless, or a low level damage to humans. The problem with this is that in the ‘50s, no one could imagine the amount of electronics we would surround ourselves with like we do today. Many sources emitting low level radiation will have a cumulative effect, becoming a high level source of bad radiation that will hurt you.

Electromagnetic radiation may originate from a variety of sources, including devices that are encountered during typical everyday life, such as wireless phones, music players, microwave ovens, computer devices, and power lines. Consequently, exposure by a typical person to EMF radiation continues to increase as the prevalence of these devices also continues to increase. The understanding of the consequences to exposure to EMF radiation, however, continues to develop. For example, studies have shown that analysis of the harmful effects of a single frequency on a biological organism may be inconclusive when compared to cumulative effects of multiple frequencies and different intensities on the organism.

Hundreds of studies have shown the harmful effects of EMF on the immune system, enzyme syntheses, nervous system, learning, moods and behavioral patterns. All aspects of life at the molecular, cellular, biochemical and physiological levels can potentially be damaged by EMF exposure.  

In 1990, electromagnetic fields became a public concern as it was closely associated with various disorders of the human body, such as heart problems, miscarriages, brain tumors, leukemia,  birth defects, cataracts, headaches,  chronic fatigue, stress, nausea, chest pain, forgetfulness, and cancer . 

Man-made electromagnetic fields are  structurally different from the electromagnetic fields found in nature,  including the subtle low electromagnetic fields that our body’s cells use to  communicate with each other. The natural fields are RANDOM (or  “noisy”) in their frequency, amplitude and waveform, whereas the  artificial EMFs are REGULAR and constant. For example, EMFs from cell phones  appear as regular bursts of microwave radiation, EMFs from computer monitors  are saw-tooth shapes, and EMFs from AC-powered devices are sinusoidal. Our  cells respond negatively to such regular fields, become stressed, and try to  protect itself.

Do you have trouble sleeping?  EMF fields have been scientifically proven to increase melatonin production.  Why is increased melatonin production a bad thing?  Melatonin will tell you when you need to sleep, and if this is disrupted, you may become stressed and have sleeping problems like insomnia, sleeping too much (hypersomnia) and lethargy. It’s been well documented that sleep plays a vital role in longevity, cancer risks, and mental health.  

How often and how long are you on your cell phone?  Cellular phones use electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range for wireless communication. When you use a cell phone, these EMF radiations are passing through your body. While the amount of radiation is miniscule, it has the potential to cause serious damage in long term usage. Most of us are glued to our cell phones all day, hence the possibility of long term damage is inevitable.


1. Limit the amount of time you spend on your cell phone.

2. Use your cell phone’s speakerphone feature when possible.

3. In your bedroom, keep electrical devices such as alarm clocks and cell phones away from where you sleep.

4. Do not sleep on a metal box-spring mattress.

5. Move electrical plugs in your workspace at least three feet away from where you sit.

6. Turn off all low-hanging lights that are within three feet of where you spend most of your day.

7. Limit or end your use of microwave ovens.

8. Disconnect your home WiFi when not in use.

9. Avoid using electric blankets.

10. Purchase a product that will protect you from EMF everywhere you go.

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We urge you to do your own research about EMF dangers.  You will be surprised at what you find!



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