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You Don’t Need a Bionic Band When You Stand In Wet Sand


Bionic Band was in Lake Havasu City, AZ for several local events.  The first event, called “Rockabilly,” was a two-day 50’s event including live bands, classic cars, motorcycles and a “pin-up” contest. The second show was five days and was next to the London Bridge. Sales were great, but what was really amazing was a test we conducted in the sand at the beach.

Bionic Band Affiliate Marv Reeves took off his shoes and socks, and he also took off all his Bionic Bands. We conducted the strength test and then the balance test with his feet in the dry sand and with each test, we knocked him over pretty easily. Marv then put his feet in the wet sand, again with no bionic bands on, and we conducted the strength and balance tests again.  Marv was solid as a rock, just like when wearing the bionic band!

The reason this is possible is because our bodies are supposed to resonate naturally with the earth’s frequency, which is 7.83 Hertz. We are not supposed to resonate with thousands of frequencies from interference from electricity, which is what happens when not wearing the bionic band. When standing in the wet sand barefoot, the water is a conductor, so we resonate with the earth and the earth is stronger than the interference from electricity. When we stand in the dry sand, even barefoot, the electric frequencies become stronger and we now resonate with tens of thousands of frequencies, causing us to lose most of our balance and strength and other issues. You can also do these tests on dry land even with shoes on when standing in an area void of electricity, such as a remote area in the wilderness. Watch the video below and you will be truly amazed!

We cannot always be grounded with the earth, though, because we live in an electromagnetic society, and we have to live and work in that environment.  To be sure you are protected from EMF radiation during those times, be sure to always wear one of our Bionic Family of products.  Click the link at the top of this page to learn more.

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