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Does The Bionic Band Really Work?


Thousands of people around the globe are wearing the Bionic Band.  For those of you that have not heard of it, the Bionic Band began as a velcro strap, worn around the wrist or ankle, that was introduced to the world by Perfect World Solutions, Inc, around 2007.  Over the years, the velcro strap (which is still available and very popular) grew to a large line of products, including silicone wristbands, stainless steel and sterling pendants, and stainless steel, titanium, and tungsten bracelets.

The primary idea behind the Bionic Band line of products, which is now called the Bionic Family of products, is to give the wearer an immediate increase in their natural strength, balance, and energy.  I say “natural,” because the increase in strength, balance, and energy that the wearer of the Bionic Band experiences is what the wearer would naturally have already, if not for man-made electrical magnetic fields (EMF).  I will get into this more later in the article.  

This natural increase when wearing the Bionic Band can be tested using numerous methods, and as mentioned before, the results are immediately apparent.  In one of the tests, a person stands with one leg lifted, with both arms outstretched to the side.  The person conducting the test will push straight down on the elbow area on the side that the leg is lifted.  The tester makes sure the push is straight down, not outward or inward toward the feet.  Without wearing a Bionic Band, the person being tested will start to fall, and will have to put their foot down.  The tester then places a Bionic Band on the person being tested and conducts the same test, insuring that the tester is consistent with the previous test.  In every single test, both the tester and the person being tested will notice a dramatic increase in the person’s ability to stand on one leg, and the tester cannot get the person to put their foot down.  Video examples of these tests can be found here: Bionic Band Strength & Balance Tests.

Some people, after seeing these tests, may think that the tests are based on Applied Kinesiology, which many Chiropractors and Physical Therapists use to determine a person’s health.  In fact, the Bionic Band actually overrides Applied Kinesiology!  One test a Chiropractor does is they have a person hold out their arm in a fist, and the Chiropractor gets a baseline test of their strength by pushing down slightly.  Then they have the person hold something that is typically bad for your body, such as a sugar packet or alcohol, against the chest, and they perform the same test.  The person being tested will have a dramatic decrease in their ability to hold their arm up, because the energy, or frequency, of the sugar packet or alcohol will weaken their body and disrupt their cellular communication.  If a person being tested in this manner were to wear a Bionic Band, they would not weaken when holding the sugar or alcohol.  This is because the Bionic Band keeps the body the way it was naturally designed to be, without letting outside influences affect it. 

How does the Bionic Band work?  The Bionic Family of products are all based on frequency, or “resonance.”  The Earth resonates (or vibrates) at 7.83Hz.  You can do a Google search of “Winfried Otto Schumann,” a German Physicist that predicted and measured the Earth’s frequency, and you will get many search results about the topic. When worn on or close to the body, the body recognizes our natural frequency.

The reason your body is NOT at its natural frequency is because of so many man-made frequencies (EMF) that are not natural to us.  We are constantly bombarded by frequencies from cell phones, power lines, lighting, computers, alarm clocks, fans, televisions, and all kinds of other electronic devices, all of which are emitting a different frequency!  These unnatural frequencies disrupt the cells of our bodies, causing a loss of communication and energy.  That loss of communication and energy causes us to become weak, imbalanced, and prone to various aches and pains.  Our bodies are supposed to be more efficient!  If you were living a hundred years ago, or you lived in a remote area of the Earth, away from man-made EMF, you would already have the proper strength and balance, and you would not need a Bionic Band. Or if you were continually grounded with the Earth (very difficult to do, with all the cement, wearing shoes, etc.)

Let me give you an example:  The same results that we get when we test the Bionic Band can be achieved without wearing a Bionic Band, as long as you are grounded with the Earth.  You can ground yourself with the Earth by removing your shoes and socks and standing anywhere on the dirt, mud, sand, or grass, as long as there is some moisture between your feet and the Earth.  You will not get the same results with dry dirt, sand, or grass.  You can also stand in any rivers, lakes, streams, or the ocean, and you will have the same increase in strength, balance, and energy as when wearing a Bionic Band.  You can literally stand in the grass, pour some water on it to make it moist, and have someone test you.  Then stand on completely dry grass or on the pavement.  Big difference.  This is because when you are standing on the wet grass, you are directly grounded with your body’s natural frequency, 7.83Hz.  Try it sometime, you will be amazed! 

We live in an age of comfort due to all of the technology.  Unfortunately, the technology that has made our lives easier is also harming us physically.  The Bionic Band Family of products are designed to protect you from the harmful effects of EMF by resonating at the frequencies we are supposed to be at.  This is accomplished during a 24-hour process, using technology that locks in that resonance, so that when we come in contact with it, our body recognizes our natural frequency and does not allow the unnatural frequencies to affect us. 

Now, to get to the question: Does The Bionic Band Really Work?  YES, the Bionic Band really does work!  Does the Bionic Band work on animals? YES!  In the past four years or so, numerous people around the world have experienced what the Bionic Band can do for you.  Here is a partial list of some of the things that wearers of the Bionic Band have found, based on many verbal, written, visual, and video testimonials:

Increase in strength:  Elderly can stand up/sit down without assistance; improved performance in athletics, weightlifting.

Increase in balance:  Elderly no longer need walker or cane; person can stand on one leg, when not possible prior due to poor balance; improved performance in athletics; dog with hip dysplasia can now maintain balance when lifting leg to urinate.

Increase in energy:  Dog doing full runs off-lead, when it was lethargic before; another dog, 17 years old and very arthritic, running up and down stairs when it had not done so in over two years; truck drivers and pilots maintaining alertness.

Pain relief: Complete relief or significant reduction in pain in the following areas – feet, legs, knees, hip, back, wrist, elbow, shoulder, neck, head (plantar fasciitis, general foot pain, restless leg syndrome, muscle pain from workouts, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, headaches, migraines, arthritis, sleep disorders, rotator cuff, and many more).

In one case, a horse had been limping due to arthritis in one leg.  A Bionic Band was placed around the leg and the horse was walked around the track. At about the halfway point, the horse stopped limping. 

The Bionic Band has changed many lives.  It has been proven to work on animals, sometimes instantly.  That rules out the “placebo” effect.  You can see many video testimonials about the Bionic Band on my Bionic Band Videos page.

Can you afford not to be protected by the Bionic Band?  Are you suffering from pain or other symptoms that the doctor cannot figure out, or cannot help you overcome?  I have seen and experienced some great results with the Bionic Band.  Many of them life-changing.  We offer a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee.  Very few (less than 1%) return them.  There is a reason for that.  The Bionic Band really does work.




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  1. Roscoe Tatum says:

    I have had a bionic band for a few years now and I would like to know how long they last

  2. Hi Roscoe,

    The technology in our products is guaranteed for life, meaning you do not ever need to re-imprint them!

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