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Bionic Band Sleep Band Introduced

The Bionic Band Family of Products has introduced the new Bionic Sleep Band!  It is made of a Terry cloth material, and it is imprinted with a very low frequency to help your brain maintain the frequency levels it should be in during sleep.  So if you have trouble going to sleep and/or staying asleep, the Bionic Sleep Band will work for you!

When you are in the REM stages of sleep, you have vivid dreams.  But there are two other stages of  “deep sleep,” that sometimes is difficult to stay in, due to outside influences.   A section from Wikipedia.org describes the stages further:

The stages of sleep were first described in 1937 by Alfred Lee Loomis and his coworkers, who separated the different electroencephalography (EEG) features of sleep into five levels (A to E), which represented the spectrum from wakefulness to deep sleep.  In 1953, REM sleep was discovered as distinct, and thus William Dement and Nathaniel Kleitman reclassified sleep into four NREM stages and REM.  The staging criteria were standardized in 1968 by Allan Rechtschaffen and Anthony Kales in the “R&K sleep scoring manual.   In the R&K standard, NREM sleep was divided into four stages, with slow-wave sleep comprising stages 3 and 4. In stage 3, delta waves made up less than 50% of the total wave patterns, while they made up more than 50% in stage 4. Furthermore, REM sleep was sometimes referred to as stage 5.

Bionic Band CEO Dan Fadden tested the difference in his sleep patterns while wearing a Bionic Band Original band and then while wearing the new Bionic Sleep band, using a “Zeo Personal Sleep Coach.”  The Zeo machine records brainwave activity throughout the night, which can be exported to various ouputs, including graphs, to study how you sleep.   The charts below show that his “light sleep” didn’t change much, but the amount of time Dan was in “deep sleep” had a dramatic increase after wearing the Bionic Sleep band…from 9% to 20%!  This increase means that Dan spent more time in his most restful sleep.




2 Responses to Bionic Band Sleep Band Introduced

  1. Wanda Lou says:

    How do they imprint it and how long does the band last? Is it a battery that generates the frequency?

  2. Derek Litchfield says:

    All of our products are put in a machine for 24 hours that changes what frequency the metals or minerals resonate at. The Earth resonates (vibrates) at 7.83Hz, and other metals and minerals, which are from the Earth, are resonating at various frequencies. The products are forced to resonate at a specific frequency, which is then locked in, so they don’t resort back to their natural frequencies. No batteries are neded, as these items resonate naturally. All of our products are guaranteed for life. They will not lose their frequency.

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