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Bionic Band Affiliates, while working a Bionic Band booth at a Martial Arts Competition in Long Beach, CA, met famous martial artist Al Dacascos, who was impressed with what the Bionic Band did for his strength and balance.  Al signed up to be a Bionic Band Affiliate shortly after.  Here is a bio of Al, taken from the website www.CompleteMartialArts.com:

Blackbelt Magazine’s 1977 Kung Fu Artist of the Year

United International Kung Fu Federation “Hall of Fame”

Member of The World Head of Family Sokeship Council

Founder of Wun Hop Kuen Do.

Father of Mark Dacascos

August 1998, we saw Al Dacascos on National TV (TNT) Turner Network Television being honored as one of the Masters to Wesley Snipes’ “1st Tribute to the Martial Arts Masters of the 20th Century” from New York City. September he was inducted into the prestigious “America’s Grandmasters Council” in Orlando, Florida, and the “Eastern U.S. Hall of Fames” in New Jersey.

Since the founding of his unique fighting art, Wun Hop Kuen Do in 1969, Al Dacascos has become one of the most noted martial artists of our era. An eighth degree Black Belt, Dacascos has won over 200 Championships and appeared on just as many martial arts magazine covers over the years. In 1977 he was indoctrinated into the Black Belt Hall of Fame as Instructor of the Year and again in 1992 by Inside Kung fu Magazine. Two of the worlds most prestigious martial arts magazines. Dacascos was the first practitioner of Kung fu to compete in the American martial arts tournament circuit. As a visionary, he has manifested the dream of creating a network of schools and five generations of black belts to reflect his style.

In 1975, Al Dacascos was invited to appear in ABC’s Wide World of Sports, broadcast from Los Angeles. He gave a breathtaking demonstration, exhibiting his power of “Chi” energy. German enthusiasts were so impressed with Wun Hop Kuen Do, that they offered Dacascos the opportunity to expand his schools and seminars throughout Europe. His influence and martial arts genius has helped to design the modern warrior.

Al introduced the Bionic Band to his son, Mark Dacascos, who is also a world-renowned Martial Arts Champion and Actor of over 35 feature films.  Mark portrays “The Chairman” on “Iron Chef America.”  Mark competed on “Dancing with the Stars” with his partner, “So You Think You Can Dance” finalist, Lacey Schwimmer.  During the season premier, the black Bionic Band “Sport” band can be clearly seen on Mark’s left wrist and on Lacey’s right wrist!

Below are pictures of Al Dacascos at the Bionic Band booth, along with several pictures that Al emailed to us, and a few pictures of Mark and Lacey from the competition.




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