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Here are just a few of the great testimonials that we receive from people using our Bionic Band products.  We also have video testimonials under “Bionic Band Videos” in the “About” tab above!


Pain Relief

Everyone who wears a Bionic Band™ does so for different reasons. Some people wear the Band because of reported pain relief. How is this possible?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) likens the human body to a highly complex electrical circuit. Like any electrical circuit it must be kept in good working order for it to function effectively, and if the circuit breaks down the result may be seen as pain, fatigue and or illness. One of the major assumptions in TCM is that health is achieved by maintaining the body in a “balanced state” and that disease is due to an internal imbalance of yin and yang. This imbalance leads to blockage in the flow of energy along pathways known as meridians.

TCM theorizes that it is essential for energy, as well as blood, to circulate in a continuous and unobstructed manner for optimal health of the mind and body. Acupuncture meridians, or channels, are the pathways through which the energy flows throughout the body. Acupuncture points lie along the meridians and are the holes that allow entry into the acupuncture meridians. The acupuncture points provide gateways to influence, redirect, increase, or decrease body’s vital substances, energy and blood, thus correcting many of the body’s imbalances.

When you place the Bionic Band™ on your body, you are creating that same balance and also opening up the energy pathways (circuits) by aligning the protons and creating that “cellular teamwork”. All this without the needles of TCM!

Here are some testimonials from actual customers who are either wearing a Band or a Pendant!


“The experience of wearing the bionic band is unique for someone like me. I happen to be a medical doctor, but I have experienced health problems concerning my wrist and knees. As time passes, continuous strain of these areas increase, and affect my daily regime, even so, that as I am writing a prescription for a patient, my pen drops.

Years of gruesome writing from pre-med to the completion of specialty training in my clinical practice has finally caught up. I have been diagnosed with a condition called bilateral median nerve damage known as carpal tunnel which deforms me due to diminished strength and decreased fine motor. This is less than suitable for my position in the medical field. After what seems a relentless search in getting my motor skills back, I finally have found something that works. Being introduced to the BionicBand, I instantly noticed the return of strength in my hands. At first I was at disbelief that a simple wrist band could provide such magical results. My ability to meet the odds against physical resistance, however, convinced me of the efficacy of this product. I soon discovered that the various metals in this band are what provide such energy, strength, and proper alignment in my hands. Gaining your strength in the time of heavy office work load can be such an encouraging and life saving experience for anyone including others like myself. As someone who has faced the despairing position in losing my necessary motor skills, I strongly recommend trying this wrist band, and experiencing the overall energy and strength it adds to one’s life.”

Aida Franco M.D.


“I have had back pain since 1966. I was injured in an industrial accident. Three years later I signed a contract to play professional football with the New Orleans Saints. I reinjured my back in pre-season and was not able to play. However nine years later I was invited to the training camp of the Cleveland Browns. Again I injured my back, and that was the end of my quest to play professional football as a punter, kicker and quarterback. I had a total of twelve back operations and have suffered pain most of my life. I am what you call “An almost, never was, has been” My pain was so bad that I was to the point that I had to lay on a flat ice pact to get to sleep at night. I had been doing this every night for over two years. Then I got a bionic band and when I came back from a road trip with the band I didn’t use my ice pack for several days. My wife asked me why wasn’t using it and I told her “I guess because my back doesn’t hurt as bad and I can get to sleep without it. Thank God…I really do not know for sure if it is the Bionic Band, but I know one thing, it is so nice to be able to go to sleep without icing down my back. Ice on your back hurts, I hope I never have to resort to that treatment again. “

– Mark Hannah


What has the bionic band done for me?

“I was hurt quite badly, by a work related 60 foot fall, over 30 years ago and had to have a major back operation, which caused me to be on permanent disability. I also have a damaged shoulder from the accident and the pains have never gone away without taking morphine.

I have been wearing the bionic band on my wrist for the last three weeks. I have been able to cut back on the amount of morphine I use and the pain has disappeared. Also my whole body is full of arthritis and it is extremely hard to be pain free. Since putting on the bionic band the arthritic pain has gone away. I am 66 years old and feel much better than I have in 30 years.

I believe everyone should try the band to feel as good as I do.”

– Bill Mitchell


“I fell and injured my hip and lower back a few years ago and have been going to the Chiropractor for a few years for the pain. Then our insurance changed and i could no longer afford to go so I had to deal with the pain on my own. I was taking Ibuprofen for the pain and to get through the night at work.

A friend of ours told me about the bionic band and how it helped his back pain so I ordered one and this is the best thing ever. I have no back or hip pain anymore. I can finally sleep at night without my hip and back waking me up. Thank you so much for this product. For me it is the best thing my money has bought lately.”

– Jean F.


Hi sorry it took so long to get back to you but the holiday was crazy.  I am the the girl who got dizzy at the TCC when you put the band on me and I had my best time in the tour ever and you wanted me to send you my story.

My name is Sharon Kotecki and two days before the Tour de Tucson I was in a lot in a lot of pain with my lower back and my sciatica nerve on both sides that radiated down my hamstrings.  I went to the chiropractor and he said that I should get a massage because the sciatica was just like a rock and he couldn’t get it to adjust, which I did.  I later went to the TCC and purchased the Bionic Band which I was very skeptical of because you have to prove to me that it works. When I put it on I got very dizzy and a little nauseous.  After about an hour I got used to it and my lower back pain started to go away.  Still a skeptic but desperate for some relief before the race I continued to wear it.  Two days later on November 21st I did 107 miles in the Tour de Tucson, no lower back pain and no sciatica pain for the whole ride!!  Not only did I feel great but I got my best time ever 5:48!  I wear it all the time now and I have to admit it really does work!

Thank you,



I am so glad I got the bionic band.  I transferred it to a white gold chain I wear around my neck, and now keep on all the time.  It felt more natural to do it this way than have a band fastened to my wrist or ankle.  I experienced the most dramatic result the first morning after I wore the bionic band.  I woke up feeling extremely achy in my lower back, and entire lower body where much of the energy has been stagnant and stuck in my life.  I’ve done many things and tried many different modalities to move the pain and bring my body back into balance.  As I got up and tried to go about business as usual that morning, I could not deny the level of pain I was experiencing, and realized I was having some kind of catharsis or major breakthrough.  I know from the past that when pain is being transformed, it is not always comfortable, yet it is a blessing to know it is on its way out.  Most times the challenge is bringing that pain to the surface to be released.  With the bionic band, all I did was sleep with it on my wrist for one night, and by the morning, the deep seated and chronic cellular pain I’d carried for much of my life was all clearing out of my body.  Within a few hours, the toxic level of pain had subsided and dissipated, and I became extremely curious about how the band actually worked.

After reading about how the band is infused with the average human frequency, and thereby instantly attunes a majority of our bodies cells to the same frequency through its water content, it is a miracle to me that I found this technology.  There have been times in my past when my sense of unity with others felt broken and betrayed, and the bionic band seems to restore our bodies sense of connection to a whole of humanity quickly and naturally through frequency, without having any mental or technical understanding whatsoever.  This feeling and understanding of being united through frequency while wearing the bionic band is all in hindsight, however I think the important thing to realize is that it is a divine blessing to have a tool that works to attune, unite, and restore our bodies natural frequency without having any conscious comprehension of how it even works.  I would recommend the band to everyone, as we are all faced with challenges that can sometimes make us feel separate from others, and from our innate sense of wholeness.  Even though the bionic band was intended to help us deflect the EMF radiation from cell phones, computers, fluorescent lighting, etc., I feel the implications of having this tool available are much more far reaching and profound than the inventors themselves may yet comprehend.

I would like to sincerely thank you for the profound healing and restored sense of well being this band has naturally provided.  May the band bless us all and provide a simple means to “band together in unity,” and seal out darkness forever.

Alison Leveh 


Since the inception of Perfect World Solutions, the Bionic Band has been a hit with Golfers around the world!

What they are finding is that because of the increase of their stability and strength, they are hitting the ball farther and straighter than ever before!

In fact we have several golf stores and resorts that now sell the Bionic Band exclusively!

Below is just one testimonial that we received that pretty well sums it up!


” My wife ripped off my neck my Bionic pendant and refuses to give it back! After wearing it one day, she claims that it has helped her to win the club championship!

My wife is not easily persuaded so this is quite a testimonial as far as I am concerned. Next time I see you, I would like to buy a couple more of the pendants if there are any to be had. I need to redress the balance of power in my home!

Best regards,

Roger L.”



Here at Bionic Band we hear testimonials all the time. It seems like every day we hear about some other way that our Bands have helped someone. Some of the testimonials are exciting to hear, and others warm your heart. We would like to share one of those heartwarming testimonials that arrived in our Inbox in May of 2009:

Oh geez, where do I start??? I want to say thank you so much for introducing my son and I to the Bionic Band. As you know, I have a 4 year old special needs son. Among some of his diagnoses, his autism and ADHD were the hardest to manage. From day one I had decided not to go the pharmaceutical medication route, it just doesn’t seem right to me to raise a pill bottle.

Before you and the Bionic Band walked into my life I had tried everything from behavioral therapy to a structured gluten free diet. All of which were dead-ends for the both of us. His behavior was impossible to deal with. I couldn’t take him out in public for fears of the physical outbursts against strangers, him breaking things, or worse injuring himself during one of his tantrums. I even use to have to get a baby sitter to go grocery shopping.

Then one day you walked into my workplace and struck up a conversation. The first time I met you I was pretty skeptical of the band. I had wondered how can a “force” change a persons behavior? After talking it over with a few family members I decided to give the bionic band a shot…and I’m GLAD I did. Almost immediately my son calmed down. His hyper-active tendencies are now under control, his physical outbursts are no more, he’s attention span is phenomenal and as a direct result of his attention span improving his vocabulary has grown immensely. It’s so nice to hear my son say mommy and to finally see a smile on his face!!! His preschool teachers were absolutely shocked with the complete turn around. They have stated that he will now sit during circle time and doesn’t throw fits or argue with other children anymore. I love the Bionic Band not only for the improvement it has made in my son’s life but because we now live everyday without the slightest stress of what we can do or where we can go. So again, I just want to say thank you for everything. I owe you the world, because you gave me mine!”

Thank You,

Jennifer & Adeyn O.

Since receiving this email, we have heard from other parents of autistic children as well as ADHD. All of them have given us positive feedback about how Bionic Band technology has helped their children.

As we like to say around the office, when you hear stories like this, its better than all the money in the world.


I wanted to thank you for turning me on to the Bionic Band. When I first met you I was very skeptical because of all the frauds and hoaxes out there. But after the test you performed on me, I was willing to take a chance. I am amazed at how well it has helped me deal with balance and energy issues.

 As a Lupus sufferer and board member of the Lupus Foundation of America, Arizona chapter, I have been approached by many people with miracle cures in the forms of what I call too good to be true; goops, lotions and potions.  None of them have been effective and many of them have actually been harmful.

 While your product doesn’t solve all of my health issues (you never promised that it would), it has made my life better and improved one of my biggest challenges, my balance. Between my auto immune inner ear issues and the numbness in my right leg, due to spinal problems it is always difficult for me to get up out of a chair, out of the car or off the couch. For the first time in years, I no longer have that challenge and like the fact that I don’t have to wait till the world stops moving before I can start to walk. I am even considering trying to ride a bicycle again, something that I used to really enjoy and had to give up on about 10 years ago.

 Thank you again for this great product, it has improved the quality of my life and I hope that others get the opportunity to have the same experiences that I have.


 Scott Schreiber

All claims are specific to Mr. Schreiber. While Scott Schreiber is a board member of the Lupus Foundation of America, Arizona chapter, his views do not reflect the views of the Lupus Foundation of America, any of it’s chapters or affiliates. Mr. Schreiber makes no claims or guarantees about the effects that this product will have on any other individual.  Any person considering any type of regimen or disease treatment should check with a medical professional first. This letter is in no way an endorsement of the Bionic band by the Lupus Foundation of America, any of its chapters or affiliates. Neither Mr. Schreiber, or Lupus Foundation of America, Arizona, received compensation for Mr. Schreiber’s endorsement.

I was first introduced to The Bionic Family of products at a Pet Expo, in Phoenix Arizona, June of 2010. I was impressed but not convinced to purchase a band until I visited the booth again 7 hours later and all the women working the booth were still full of energy, while all the other Expo workers were expressing how tired they were. Not to mention these women were all older, which kind of struck me as a little odd but intriguing enough to get me to try the band. I probably would not have spent the money on myself but I certainly didn’t blink and eye about spending it on my Chloe (dog). Which has turned out to be the best decision I made.

I was still extremely skeptical but hopeful at the same time, that the Bionic Band was really going to do what they claim. So I came home and started doing the Demo’s on family, friends and clients. To my amazement, the bands proved over and over that they work.

My personal testimony is that I was hit by a drunk driver going approximately 50-60 miles an  hour while I was sitting at a stop light. I proceeded to go through years of Physical Therapy and Chiropractic care, but had been in pain EVERY day and wake up in pain EVERY morning.  I used to do construction work, play sports, work out, hike etc… Which all came to an end on the night I was hit. On July 16th 2010, I was at Mayo hospital with my mom, while she was getting surgery, and I had been wearing my band for approximately 4 weeks. While I was sitting working on my laptop for a couple of hours, I realized my back and neck didn’t hurt at all.  Which should have been impossible, considering I was in the same position for hours. So I started to pay attention to my back and neck every day and can not believe that I have been 100% pain-free every day since. I also wake up every morning and say “Thank you God” because not only do I not wake up in any pain, I’m so COMFORTABLE!!  

Two other major changes that I’ve noticed is that, I  have had problems all my life with being able to sleep through the night. Now after I fall asleep the next time I open my eyes is when I wake up in the morning. Secondly, I’ve noticed that I’m much calmer and do not react to stress in the same way I used to. 

It is utterly amazing to see and feel what these products do. What is even more amazing, is what they do which we don’t see..

I just want to say, that I am so grateful to have had the Bionic Band come into my life and that I can share it with others and their pets.


Michelle Milich

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